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“Let him, who runs, read – that he may learn the ‘Way of Light’ while there is yet time. . . .                                             From ‘The Magic Presence’ by Godfre Ray King – (page 361)



“Beloved Mighty “I AM” Presence,  Beloved Archangel Michael, Our Great Divine Director, Mighty  Hercules, Lord of the World: Beloved Lord Gautama, Beloved El Morya and the Legions of Blue Ray Angels and all Those that minister to the Blue Ray of Divine Love and Protection. . . .intensify Your ALL POWERFUL and IMPENETRABLE PROTECTIVE PILLAR OF PURE LIGHT SUBSTANCE and give whatever added Protection is needed, around ALL the material on this website.  See to it that It remains free for all those seeking the Truth, and The Teachings remain Pure and untouched, and are never used for anything other than what it was originally intended by our Beloved Saint Germain  – THE EXPANSION of the LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS! Thank You that ALL who are ready, receive The Teachings that will set them FREE!  SO BE IT, ACCORDING TO GOD’S MOST HOLY WILL – “I AM”   Thank You.







Excerpt from: Bulletin 2, p. 381June 12, 1960

The “Bridge to Freedom Journal” and its other publications blesses all endeavors throughout the world who are earnestly desirous of furthering the cause of God-good at this time.

We are in the final days when as the Bible prophesied there would be calls “lo here and lo there.” It takes the wise, discriminating intuitive chela to distinguish the TRUTH from the false. The beloved Ascended Master Jesus said centuries ago, “Many shall come in my name, but I shall not be in them.” This is also true of the beloved Ascended Master El Morya, who secured from beloved Helios and Vesta the dispensation to assist his divine brother, the Ascended Master Saint Germain by establishing “the Bridge to Freedom” activity. He is STANDING WITH BOTH FEET ON THIS BRIDGE helping to disseminate the words of TRUTH from the Ascended Masters realm into the outer consciousness of mankind.

Many sincere peoples have picked up the terminology of “the Bridge Journal,” “Hope,” and the blessed Maha Chohan’s teachings in the weekly “Bulletin” and unconsciously use these terms in their endeavors to prove the authenticity of their service.

“The Bridge to Freedom Journal” and its affiliate publications are not copyrighted, at the express request of the beloved Ascended Master El Morya,

…..and it is, therefore, simple to reword the Ascended Masters’ instructions for the temporary glorification of human beings. However, we say, with El Morya and the spiritual Great White Brotherhood, that portion of the Lord’s Prayer (given by beloved Jesus himself) to the Father of us all: THINE IS THE KINGDOM, THE POWER AND THE GLORY, FOREVER MORE! AMEN!

The Bridge to Freedom Inc., Box 321 Charlottesville, VA  –   Geraldine A. Innocente

There are no other books like These on earth, every word is a ‘Cup of Light’ and if read, and re-read and the knowledge understood & applied, They will enable the reader to fulfill their Divine Plan and assist with the urgent ‘need of the hour’ which is the Purification of our Earth. These books have been brought forth by the Ascended Masters through Their accredited Messengers and all credit, Gratitude and Love it given to the Ascended Masters and Their chosen Messengers. They are a Gift for ALL mankind and no organization or individual has been given permission by The Ascended Masters to claim ownership or copyright of this priceless material given to humanity at this critical time on our planet, and those ‘that run, must read  . . . while there is yet time.’

As we have been told in the books, it is the intention of the Ascended Masters to have these books spread to all humanity as quickly as possible, and that includes, if necessary, foreign translation. No soul must be denied this information due to lack of understanding of the English language or financial limitations. We have also been told in The books that They are eternally protected.

The pronunciation of the words “I AM” as found the in the English language, are to remain the same in all languages, as they are far older than any current language and they are the ‘Name of God’ . . . . “I AM that I AM”

You are at liberty to copy and share what ever pleases you, but it is imperative that no words are removed, changed  or added, as they carry the Radiation of the Ascended Masters, and must remain Sacred, Pure and untouched.

Please do not claim anything for yourself and always give credit to the Source, which in this case is the Great Ascended Hosts and Their messengers. Please do not incorporate this information is any commercial venture, it is a glad free-gift of Love and beyond any commercial venture.  They are shared in Divine Order through Divine Love.

The urgency of the hour is at hand and these books contain the LAWS OF LIFE that are essential to be understood and applied to set all on our Earth FREE.

N.B. It is very important to read from both sets of books – The “I AM” Discourses (including the first 2 books, Unveiled Mysteries & The Magic Presence  – which are the foundation blocks to the Teachings) and The Bridge to Freedom books, these include the ADK Luk books, and other material which has not yet been published, which are not on this website yet – all is in Divine Time and in Divine Order.  The reason that we need to read from both sets of books, is that They came in on different Rays (The Blue Ray  – the “I AM” Discourses & The Pink Ray   – The Bridge to Freedom) It is essential to get the balance of the Feeling of God from the Bridge to Freedom publications and the Power of God,”I AM” from the “I AM” Discourses.  We have been told by the Ascended Masters, that the Bridge to Freedom was brought to humanity to acquaint humanity with the use of the Sacred Fire.

Please read the attached information to understand more:










I AM America’s Destiny(1)


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Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence  & “I AM” Discourses:

The Bridge to Freedom Publications:

ADK Luk Publications and Ascended Master Love & Truth Vol. I & II:


In South Africa and neighbouring countries orders may be placed through this website via the contact page –  (a more limited selection of books are available however)


“It is imperative that These Books FLOOD FORTH TO MANKIND as much as possible; for They contain and hold the Explanation and Application, by which every human being can set himself or herself free. It is imperative that people have them for constant use; because the intellect does not retain enough from just hearing the Instruction.” The Beloved Great Divine Director – excerpt from THE “I AM” DISCOURSES Book 8 – page 127,


“Give them those Books of the Saint Germain Series to read in their hours of discouragement….Bring those Books into the hands of the people….They are more valuable than food to the body….We think enough of them to have them bound in covers of jewels at the Inner Level….”    Beloved Saint Germain “The Voice of the “I AM”, December 1950, page 26


“. . . . . I plead with you, read Those Books! Read! and read! and read Them, until They are actually a part of your feeling world. It is not necessary that you remember all the Wording that is there; but as you continue to read, through the powerfully charged Vibratory Action of the Books, you will anchor within yourselves the exact Truth which is recorded There.”  Lady Nada’s Discourse  – ASCENDED MASTER LIGHT Page 31



Excerpt from: “THE MAGIC PRESENCE” By Godfre Ray King   Page: 175

“The Paramount Command of the Eternal is: ‘Be ye Perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect,’ for Life will return you, the individual consciousness, again, again, and again into human embodiment—until you fulfill the Supreme Edict of Life. When that Decree is obeyed, we shall find the Manifestations of the Constructive Way of Life have become Immortal.

“The Cosmic Activity and Light from our Earth is being expanded at this time. Many feel this greatly increased energy, and unless it is used in a constructive way, the individual qualifies it with his own feelings of irritation and resentment against persons, places and conditions. This but creates greater turmoil in his own mind and body, which constantly disturbs himself and others.

“During the present Expansion of the Light throughout the Earth, it is absolutely imperative for the individual to keep an iron control over his own thought, feeling and spoken word—compelling them to be constructive, and giving recognition to nothing else—if he is to avoid continual distress and countless loss to himself and his world. At no time in the history of the planet has this been so important as it is at the present moment.

“The Earth is passing through the throes of a tremendous new birth, and in the few years just ahead will be in a transition period. It is changing now in a Cosmic Way—from the attitude of war into that of Peace, from hatred to Love, from selfishness to unselfishness—and into the full recognition that in the future the people must exert strength enough to live according to the Law of Love.

“The hour strikes in the evolution of every planet and its humanity when they must express the Full Peace, Harmony, Perfection, and the Divine Plan of the System to which they belong. When that hour strikes, humanity either moves forward and fulfills God’s Plan, or whatever portion will not come into alignment with the new activity removes itself to another schoolroom of the Universe—until those personalities learn obedience to Life.

“The Law of Life is Heaven, Peace, Harmony and Love to every created thing. Even the ethers of infinite space express this Harmony everywhere. Human beings are the only creators of ‘hell.’ They can accept and obey the Law of Life, and enjoy every good thing of the ‘Kingdom,’ or they can disobey that Law and be broken as a reed before the storm by their own self-generated discord. Each individual carries his own heaven or hell with him every moment; for these are but the results of mental and emotional states which the individual has created because of his own attitude. There is no other cause for them.”